Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad on Inclusiveness in the Cambridge Mosque Project

Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad / Timothy J. Winter, founder of Europe’s first eco-mosque and professor of Islamic studies at the University of Cambridge, talks to Arabian Business about the need for a purpose-built place of worship for the 8,000 Muslims living in Cambridge. In particular, he stresses inclusiveness of community, gender, and the environment as … Continue reading Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad on Inclusiveness in the Cambridge Mosque Project

First View of the State-of-the-Art Solar Array

Our own solar system! A first view of the comprehensive and state-of-the-art solar array on our roof! Even on a grey wintry day the mosque is producing electricity! Thanks to a wonderfully generous donation by local firm Silicon CPV we are starting to make our contribution to a more responsible and sustainable world. Silicon CPV … Continue reading First View of the State-of-the-Art Solar Array

Go Green This Ramadan

Over at Green Ramadan our friends have a range of suggestions for improving health and sustainability during the fasting month. Avoid the curse of disposable plates and foil containers at iftar time and add blessings to your fast by developing a zero-trash iftar kit for your mosque community! Click here to read about ten amazing … Continue reading Go Green This Ramadan

Solar Array News

Thanks to the generosity of Harlow-based firm Silicon CPV we will soon be installing an array of solar power cells on our roof! These installations are made in Pakistan to EU specifications and are being donated free of charge to our mosque! Silicon CPV are involved in sustainable technology projects in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and … Continue reading Solar Array News

Yanggo Announces 1000 Green Mosques

Indonesia has almost a million mosques! Now the Indonesian Council of Muslim Scholars has announced that a thousand will be converted to run on sustainable principles and will be centres for educating the public on green technologies and recycling methods. This follows a number of eco-fatwas, including a landmark ruling against lighting fires in forest … Continue reading Yanggo Announces 1000 Green Mosques