From Mill Road to Makka

Twenty-three Cambridge pilgrims attended our Hajj Training Seminar on Friday. May Allah support all Cambridge Muslims making this journey of a lifetime. To deepen your awareness of the meaning of Hajj follow Dr Ibrahim Harvey’s amazing video class, including unique historic pictures and classic Hajj songs. All proceeds to the Cambridge Mosque:

At the Royal Academy

Once again we are on display in the Architecture Room in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition! Responding to this year’s theme of ‘Sustainability in its widest sense’, Marks Barfield have created a short film about our project. You can view it here:

St Edmund’s Builds a Bridge

Many thanks to St Edmund’s College here in Cambridge! Following a visit by senior College staff to the mosque St Edmund’s is very kindly promoting our Minbar / Mihrab appeal on its website and several College members have already donated.

Oasis of Contemplation

Another rave review in the architectural press! “Marks Barfield is to be applauded for a truly sustainable, unique and thoughtful building that is true to Islam, true to Cambridge and also true to a peculiarly intelligent, confident and optimistic tradition of English architecture that harks back to Paxton’s Crystal Palace and also takes in many … Continue reading Oasis of Contemplation

The Time Is Now

Join Cambridge Muslims and Islamic Relief on June 24! The Climate Coalition is organising a mass rally in London to call for accelerated action to fight climate change.

Refugee Iftar

A highlight of Ramadan was our special iftar for the 24 Syrian refugee families living in the Cambridge area. Cars were sent to collect them and a delicious Syrian meal was served. Many thanks to the Kuweider family for providing this wonderful and authentic feast.

Heaven’s Banquet

Our mosque was full for our 27 Ramadan night programme. Beginning with Iftar and ending with an in-house Sahur we enjoyed the voices of our four Hafiz reciters. Imam Sejad led us in Salat al-Tasabih. After Tarawih prayers Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad gave a lecture which is available here:

Ramadan Prayers

Our Tarawih reaches its Khatm on Friday night, inshallah. Imam Ali is leading Qiyam al-Layl prayers after Tarawih. Imam Sejad is continuing his daily tafsir sessions after Asr prayer. Parents are reminded to keep their children under control in the prayer hall and to use the Mother and Child room provided. The number of Shahadas … Continue reading Ramadan Prayers

Feast on the Word

Our supporter Ali Keeler received his ijaza in Tajwid here in Cambridge. The fasting month is the Month of the Qur’an. Listen to his wonderful recitation of Surat al-Zumar, delivered in a Celtic mode. Watch the full video here: