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Marrakech’s Green Friday

The COP22 climate change negotiations have been underway in Marrakech and a range of British and global Islamic organisations have been making their presence felt, under the umbrella of the Global Muslim Climate Network (GMCN).

To celebrate the coming into effect of the Paris Climate Agreement, the GMCN designated November 11 as ‘Green Friday’, and a sermon was given at the city’s Kutubiyya Mosque in support of the accords.

Morocco has announced that a additional 600 mosques will ‘go green’ by 2019, and other countries have launched similar initiatives. In Jordan, seven percent of mosques are now powered by photovoltaic arrays, a number which is set to increase drastically in the coming years. The GMCN, in the light of recent challenges to the Paris protocols by some major powers, is urging every mosque in the world to ‘go green’, in compliance with Islamic teachings about respect for the environment.


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