New Nasheed Book Launched!

Cambridge’s new mosque is filled with features from the magnificent Turkish cultural legacy, including carpets, stained glass, calligraphy, and ceramics. To celebrate these gifts the Muslim Academic Trust is donating all revenues from its new nasheed collection to the Cambridge Mosque Project!

Turkish Sacred Songs presents the first-ever English translations of many of Turkey’s best-loved Islamic songs. Here you will find special songs for Rajab and Ramadan, the longing of the soul for Allah, and the beauties of Heaven. Highlights include:

  • ‘Before the Dawn Stand Up and Pray’
  • ‘The Yellow Crocuses’
  • ‘Wake from your Heedlessness’
  • ‘The Silver Streams of Paradise’

Turkish Sacred Songs launches officially on November 1, 2015!
Order your copy via your local Islamic outlet, Wordery or Amazon, price £6.95.

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