Surat al-Zumar – memorise it with us!

The new Cambridge Mosque will, inshaAllah, be a hub for learning the Holy Qur’an. Join our supporters in our campaign to encourage Muslims around the world to memorise some much-loved Suras!

We begin this January with Surat al-Zumar. Thanks to the unpaid work of our volunteer videographers we’ve created a beautiful video of Scottish winter landscapes to accompany our recording of this Sura. The voice belongs to our very own Ali Keeler, who received his ijaza in Tajwid here in Cambridge with Shaykh Abdul Razzaq Balhawan. The video is an ideal way of reflecting on the beauty of Allah’s creation and ‘de-stressing’, as well as providing an invaluable aid to the hifz process!

Many thanks to Nabil Turner for the still photography, and to Sami Yusuf for generously letting us use his sound studio in Dubai.

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